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Matt Molloy
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Re: Culture of Martial Mediocrity?

Joep Schuurkes wrote:
An idea based on this thread:
perhaps UFC/NHB/... show that it is easier to become a competent fighter by learning some striking and some grappling and combining that with a thouroughly trained physique than by mastering one art; that it is easier (for lack of a better word) to combine basic skills with a well-trained body than to master one skill in all its depth.
A couple of thoughts in response.

O'Sensei never seemed to shirk the idea of maintaining a thoroughly trained physique so I think that this should be a part of Aikido training, not ignored as if it weren't part of what we do.

Secondly, the UFC/NHB type fighters generally know quite a bit more than "some striking and some grappling" and it may be prudent, before commenting, to see what some of them come up with as they reach more advanced years. I've read plenty of people, for example, that say that BJJ for example is plenty Aiki when you study it.

I always think of Aikido in terms of training the body as well as possible and then using that trained body as efficiently as possible.

It's a bit different than the usual no strength approach.

Perhaps you need a thoroughly trained body in order to master the skill in all its depth.

Aikido. You don't have to be tubby to practice.


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