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Re: Culture of Martial Mediocrity?

Great thread.

I think in a way we do accept some shortfalls in our martial arts.

There are exceptions...shaolin monks or the guys that maybe go off to training camps for professional muay thai fighters and such like.

Perhaps some that make the committment as uchi deschis also train to the absolute maximum and leave no room for anything else in their lives...maybe professional combat athletes too?

I stress 'Some' since some of the deschis I've met could train a lot harder.

But for 99% of MA out there ...not just aikido is not the only thing in their lives.

Consequently there is a degree of compromise , career , family, health all impact our training.

How many of us genuinely want to make the sort of sacrifices these folks make?

I'd love to train maybe twice as much as I currently do...I have done in the past.

Its just not possible at the moment so I have to accept that I could do better but have to deal with the restrictions.

all you can do is train as intelligently when you have a window of opportunity.

I'm not sure if this is accepting mediocrity...but its certainly accepting a capping on performance.

I'd also suggest that one has to take a long term view...I've seen other threads where people have talked about dropping out of uni etc to train harder and more often. The danger is that this impacts your future to the extent that you dont get to train so much further down the line.

I guess its a question of balance.

Theres still no excuse for lettuce leaf yokomen..! I think its a poor instructor that doesn't try to address this when they see it...I hope there aren't too many that actually teach it though.

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