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Re: Kyokushin + Aikido

thanks guys. well as for your response Mary Malmros, I am a beginner to Aikido, very very little experience...but kickboxing I do have experience and a bit of ability. I want to train many times per week and school only gets in the way of one course on tuesday. The only thing that scares me is my lungs. I've been a heavy smoker for 3 and a half years and finally quit...I'm worried that I won't have the lungs to carry on in class. That's my only worry. I'm pretty sure I have enough toughness for Kyokushin and yes Dave de Vos I think they're exact opposites which is exactly why they're my top picks for styles to learn. In martial arts I'm trying to understand the principle deeply. I was bullied and I have bullied, too...and I think martial arts is the best way for me to be a good person overall. My dad bullied me and when I got older I beat him up pretty good...we're friends now. We still argue sometimes but overall we share good humor so...all in all it's a "victory" in life, to me anyway.

Hey maybe I should start a blog!! By the way thanks guys for your quick responses. I'll try and come up with new interesting topics as much as I can. Bye for now!!
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