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Re: Taking care of your Hakama with heavy use?

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Congratulations on your Shodan achievement!
I wash my hakama about twice a year. Before i hand wash it, i clip all the pleats in place. Wash thoroughly, rinse thoroughly and let dry by hanging it away from the sun. That's about it, really. My hakama takes a lot of punishment during lessons yet even the cheapest (material wise) garment of the sort stays with me for at least 3 years.
Be well
Thank you! Although I'm still at 1st kyu. Here people give out the hakama somewhere along 1st kyu because they want people to wear a hakama at their shodan test. Strange

About the washing part, so no more than 1 wash/month? And since mine is cotton indigo, that means no washing machine either?

What do you think about these washing methods? Seem really convenient to me:
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