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Taking care of your Hakama with heavy use?

I've just been awarded my Hakama. Although I'm familiar with its use after a long time of attending to my Sensei's hakama, I would like some advice on maintaining it, since I haven't used one on a regular basis before.

Let's skip the basic about folding the hakama after each use and storing it in a well ventilated place. I practice 4-5 times a week, each time 2-3 hours with frequent use of break falls. At least 4h/week is spent doing Suwari Waza or Hanmi Han Tachi.

What I would like to ask is, with such frequency of use, how do I keep and maintain the form and pleats of my hakama? Is ironing the pleats every week necessary? And how often do I need to wash it? I've heard that washing is bad for the hakama, but for the moment I can't afford a second one to rotate.

Thanks for your input!

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