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Re: Strength vs Ki.

John Burn wrote: View Post
Tony, why not in a park? This stuff at the level most of the people on here are at is all about very basic body movement so... why not in a park? Really? You use that as an argument, my god, I think you've lost the plot completely.

As for you not rating any of the names I adhere to then that just show's you to be completely clueless in your answers to people on here - there is only person I generally personally mention in terms of Aikido on here and to quote you elsewhere on this thread or on the other one you asked who he was so you have no idea who he is yet you don't rate him? Hahaha tells me everything I need to know.

Barking mad!
Not for me John, when you mentioned a park I thought it was for other purposes fitting your requirements, sorry..... How many people do you know in The T/S world? Humans are only humans after all, none are godlike or anything else, maybe skilful in kata and collusive "aikido" and the like, but that remains to be seen, remember I'm a heretic, I don't really practice "aikido"

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