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Re: Strength vs Ki.

Joe Curran wrote: View Post
Dear Hugh,
How can you unbalance a Uke with a stable posture if you as Tori do not make contact with him/her? There is a distinct lack of contact seen in the Numata Sensei vid.Why would anyone fall over
if their balance was not broken?Try this type of movement on a judoka and you would get a rude awakening.Have you ever been gripped by a judoka , I have , I trained in Judo for 13 years, and no judoka worth his salt would be thrown from some of the body movement shown.I appreciate it was a demo, but at times I ask myself , do these demos do more harm than good to the already tarnished image of Aikido?In some areas Aikidoka are viewed with disdain and classed as weak, dancers and chancers.Some Aikidoka fit this description but some are real Martial Artists.
So lets get a bit of reality into this forum.I want to see a MARTIAL ART not a vid which looks like a rehearsal for a Broadway dance show.
Cheers, Joe.

Ps I expect you might say Numata Sensei is using internal skills/leading the Uke s Ki.Hope you can come up with a answer other than these examples.

I can't agree more.
I reckon if Numata Sensei had stepped off the mat those guys would have just carried on with their ukemi exercise.

How come we never see Chiba Sensei do that stuff

Henry Ellis
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