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Re: Strength vs Ki.

[Re Numata Sensei's video]
Joe Curran wrote: View Post
The Ukes I am not too sure of, I do not think they are making any real sort of 'attack.' They seem to me to be quite anxious to bite the dust , a bit too compliant for my taste.
Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Uke's? Well it does show they are committing themselves but it appears to me they are very unstable.
This is an interesting test case, since none of us commenting have trained with Numata Sensei in person. It's all about what you can see, which, I'm guessing, is a reflection of our different experience.

What I see is that yes, the ukes tank quickly. Because they're unstable. Because Numata takes their balance so quickly and with so little external movement that you don't see it. You just see the result.
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