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Re: Internal (Hunyuan) Strength from a Yi Chuan Perspective

Mike Sigman wrote: View Post
If you notice, my questions have been slanted at asking you what "principles" you're talking about.
if you don't share the common frame of reference (i.e. shared vocabulary) then any principles i might name (like circle to center) would just sound like more buzzwords.

Steve Ehrenreich wrote: View Post
Like I just told you, in Yi Chuan we are studying how the Yi and Chi create the Li or mechanical force. From a western perspective you could say it's like that conservation thing....remember we talked about it the other day.
this is very similar to a discussion that my Sifu gives about I, Chi, Liq.

as Mike already pointed out pretty much all the MA share common principles (after all the human body is the human body), and many arts share common philosophy (like zen), but often times it's the concepts, which bridge the two that make the differences between arts.

anyway, as i said i quite like the clips and look forward to more!

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