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Chris Parkerson
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Re: Would you teach this knife technique?

If anyone has seen the new movie Red Belt, you might want to study the bar fight (empty hand against the knife). It shows the fundamental problem with Aikido vs knife as Aikido is often practiced today.

The defender keeps his elbows close to his body, knows his critical distance, evades the knife with full body movement where the hands and arms do little to pass, meet or cross.

In most versions of today's Aikido, it seems that we are stuck on the extended arm. This is the death knell for knife defense.

If we review Munenori's sword posture, the arms are not extended like we do in Aikido. The hands are only about two fists away from the hara. This translates into good jujitsu posture when you take the sword out of the hands.

This is the most efficient method of controlling the knife once you get a grip or parry.
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