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Re: Origins and inspirations of kumijo

Andrew Smallacombe wrote: View Post
My branch of aikido teaches Iwama derived ken and jo.

We know that the kumitachi as taught by Saito Sensei was distilled from Kashima Shinto Ryu - kumitachi 1 is virtually identical to one of the KSR kata - but what about kumijo? Where does it come from?

I was hoping someone could help here.
What do you think about this clip of one of the Yagyu Shingan ryu branches demonstrating last year:

I don't know my way around the branches of Yagyu Shingan ryu, and I don't know if this is the one that Osensei trained in. AND I can tell you from experience that it is generally dangerous to go looking at youtube videos for things that look alike. The human brain developed to think things look like other things.

Looks similar to me, though. Do you see anything in it?

Since Yagyu Shingan ryu is somewhat related to Kashima, it might be that the superficial resemblance here indicates that aikijo also traces back to Kashima Shinto ryu....the KSR does spear and bo.

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