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Marc Abrams
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Re: 094) My Damn Shoulders Messing Up My Aikido?.. July 2012

Phi Truong wrote: View Post
welcome to aiki muttville. hey, weren't you in bunnyville just recently? i am thinking i got enough stuffs to last a 2 hours warm-up routine. of course there won't be anytime left to do aikido. if i want to do aikido then that would cut into my partying hours which is sacred territory!

I think that the bunny mutated into a mutt .... It is difficult trying to balance the practice of various things. Two full-time jobs, a family, etc... At least when I am worked to death, I will have a well-conditioned corpse! . Like you, my party time is sacred territory! I have to have a least one good vice left!

Have a great weekend and hope to get on the mats and train with you some time soon (PS- DAN IS AT MY PLACE 9/7-9/9- can even stay at my modest party abode).

Marc Abrams
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