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The things I practiced a lot are much easier for me then those I try for the first time. As we practice, we improve our coordination of specific actions, much more then our general coordination, so, doing things like you learnt, or along the same lines is always much easier then the other way around, regardless of the matter at test.
I'm sorry, but no. If I had attended some kind of drama classes for years where we pantomimed shooting dummy pistols with the butt out to the side, "gangsta-style" and pumping our arms back and forth like we were throwing the bullets out of the gun, it might feel more comfortable to hold it like that, but if I went out and actually shot some targets with a real pistol, it wouldn't take long to figure out that holding it correctly actually results in better aim.

What one practices in a martial arts class often does not amount to actually using a working skill. There are some things that simply work better than others and the difference is not that hard to figure out. Some vague formulation of relativistic philosophy is not a good reason to place so little stock in one's own experience. It's also a mighty passive-aggressive way of conducting an argument.

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