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Michael Cardwell
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Jo tsuki


I have a quick question regarding jo tsuki's. When I first learned how to tsuki with a jo, I was always tought to to hold my back hand, usually that would be the right hand, tight against my chest as they thrust completed, almost like you want to hit yourself in the middle of the chest with your hand as you strike. The jo is paralla to your chest, with the back point of the jo safely not pointing at your body. I recently got went to a seminar where they did their jo tsuki's slightly different, so I was hoping someone much wiser then me here could give their take on this.

This dojo did tsuki pretty much the same way, except instead of bringing the back hand to rest on their chest, they brought it up to their shoulder. This seems to give you a couple more inches of reach, and also makes for a straighter jo thrust on higher targets, mine always are slightly tilted upward on higher thrusts. The only downside that I could see from this was that your lead arm tended to straighten at the elbow very easily. I should have ask the sensei at the time about it, but didn't want to be rude as I was just visiting.
My sensei was actually there as well, and I did ask him about it later, his only commit was that we did our tsuki's the way he was trained by his sensei to do. So just out of curiosity, is there something better or worse about either way? Is one more of a traditional way?

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