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Re: Can we see that aikido is all over the place in MMA?

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Most of Popkin's stuff was over my head, but it was amazing to see what he could do. Honestly, the biggest thing I got out of the seminar was how ineffective my Jujutsu is and how much "internal" work it is going to take to change that. To be honest, I'm not sure I have the desire to put in the required effort. A return to Judo or BJJ may be coming.
Yup. Daily work. Over the course of not a couple, but several years, to get to the point it's of practical value even in cooperative waza. But at least you know what the road map is to get there.

This is what maddens those of us who've made the effort to train with Dan, Mike Sigman, Sam Chin, and Aunkai folks when skeptics try to nitpick IP/IS training from an armchair. These IP/IS systems are comprehensive, fully formed methodologies with incredibly detailed protocols for using intent to achieve specific objectives for body conditioning. Someone who's found benefit in having a strength coach or personal fitness trainer would appreciate the level of detail in these IP/IS methods, even though these methods are nothing like conventional strength or fitness training.

So, if "kohai" like Howard and Bill Gleason, so to speak, are making people rethink how well they understand this "aiki" thing, yet they both readily admit they pale in comparison to Dan per se, and Dan is adamant that he personally has a long way to go -- then, well, just know the fence has a gate.

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