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Re: Big pants, what are they?

Adrian Abascal (njnoexit) wrote:
And what is the point of them etc....
They're just pants. They're just part of the traditional Japanese costume. Almost all Japanese arts use them as part of the uniform: kendo, iaido, kyudo, atarashii naginata, jodo, and almost every older, traditional martial art. Pretty much the only Japanese budo that don't wear them are sumo, and some of the modern arts. Go to the ryu guide at and try to find pictures of people not wearing hakama.

It just that the most popular Japanese martial arts outside of Japan, judo and karate (yes, I know), are arts that don't use hakama. Because of this, non-Japanese think hakama-wearing is a rare thing.

So I think a better question than, "Why do some aikidoka wear hakama?" is, "Why do some budoka not wear hakama?"

I've heard the "hide your footwork" theory before, and I just don't buy it, as hakama don't actually hide your movements.

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