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Re: Aikiweb as a "Big Tent"

Victor Williams wrote: View Post
Who was it and what are your thoughts on the meeting?
That would be a different topic wouldn't it? This is a topic on how to promote a greater sense of dialogue, not on what we think about an experience with x,y, or z practicioner.

Basia wrote:
the basic premise of a normal that people can and...will want to talk about it with each other, even when you are convinced or even _know_ that what they're talking about is Objectively Provably Wrong.
I think this gets to the heart of the matter: there are a lot of people who seem to want to post less because they think the conversation will change into another iteration of the typical criticisms we see on Modern Aikido, which tend to relate to the issue of "internals."
Right or wrong, there is a tone that comes through which says IP is the real deal; anything not IP is essentially false. The point has been made that people can do Aikido and have fun, but also says something akin to: "if they're not including very specific aspects of O Sensei's training (and they're probably not), then it's not the real budo of O Sensei." Again, right or wrong is beside the point when it comes to communicating ideas with the goal of keeping the communication going and not devolving into what has become somewhat typical here. It is the question of how to address "that which has become somewhat typical here" which this thread is about, assuming I'm understanding it correctly.
Janet seems to be suggesting that there is an effort to push an idea or set of ideas, which while very much grounded in authenticity, also pushes people away from participating or otherwise distracts from the conversations on a regular basis. Starting from that conclusion (which many seem to agree with), how can we diminish this effect? Dialing it back a little in some way seems to be her suggestion. I liken this to letting aite/uke up in order to let them get their feet under them throw them but the point is to give people "space" to reorganize and re-engage.
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