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Re: Golden Center Aikido for your pleasure

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Too many people are just too sensitive and are just unable to make constructive criticism and take same as that. Bottom line, traditions and discipline still need to dictate the flow of any form of martial arts. Graham's defense, it is also not fair by just looking at this video for me to draw a conclusion on how effective his Aikido is and his character. For that Graham, my apologies sir. May God bless
I think people are being too sensitive as well, particularly after they ask for opinions. That aside when it comes to Graham I'm not offering any opinions on his character..would you?
I was discussing his videos in light of many others, like the ones here. If someone doesn't want to discuss their work why do they put it up there to discuss?

It was Graham who began to tell us we do not understand aikido or kokyu so he offered to let us watch him display his self proclaimed mastery of aikido in this video apptly titled Two masters at play
I have no problem withEd and Mary's comments that they cannot see aiki and kokyu visually Its just erroneous to say others can't. I can, and this does not demonstrate either.
Again, why is it that people keep presenting their work and then get upset at commentary...on the work.
1. The response that it is we don't understand seems perfectly fine.
2. For us to tell them they don't understand is bullying?
3. Who's understanding will will result in competence in person? What happens when one consistently and repeatedly fails in person?
4. What happens when it is tested?

When people in Budo make comments about effectiveness and call themselves a master and then present video, they enter into a dialogue. I would guess that it is safer to do from behind a keyboard. Just look at the amount of stress simple comments have produced. Were you to try it with people who actually do know the subject, I think I would agree with Mark Freeman;..."best to wear a hard hat because you are in for a bumpy ride."

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