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Re: bad technique vs. resistance

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Hi- I'm sorry if this has been discussed to death...but I have a question and situation I am curious to hear your ideas about.

Um...In Aikido...what is the difference between someone resisting energy and you doing a poor technique?

I worked with a guy doing Shihonage the other day and I could only move him slightly before I felt a lot of resistance----"I was like man my technique is not good"----but my instincts were like "I ain't gonna fight this guy" so I moved him as far as I could and then changed sides.

I wasn't frustrated, just curious- the guy says "You want me to stop resisting? I find it helps me learn when people resist, but I can stop." I said, no, you just do what you want to. Its cool.

When I felt the resistance I noticed other techniques that were opening up...but it wasn't what the teacher showed so I just kept failing at Shihonage.

What do you guys think? Should your techniques work even when someone gets super rigid and muscled up?
Out in the real world, people will use resistance all the time, because that's their defensing mechanism.. but in the dojo, they are learned not to use resistance, which is also a mistake in the long run.
What you basically need to do is to develop and sharpen your instincts and your ingenuity to come up with a new resolution (not necessarily a technique) faster to get out of the situation you're in it.
If it were a life or death situation, I'm sure the adrenaline would kick in to find a faster solution, but we don't wanna rely only on that, do we?

So when you study, welcome resistance, ask people to be resistant to you at times, because, it is the perfect guide toward a faster resolution.

and when all else fails, grab the balls.

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