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Re: Kids practicing Kotegaeshi

Marc Abrams wrote: View Post
With all due respect, the technique is being performed in a manner that opens the nage up to being struck with the free hand if the uke did not want to take ukemi. On top of that, no kazushi before the finish. Good start, but I would go back to the drawing board........

Marc Abrams
I think it's good that they are looking to see that they can do the breakfall which to my mind is exactly what they are doing? Outside on the grass where they can land safely on the mats they have positioned before they practise?
Waza is useless for anybody if they can't escape it first? That is where the fear comes in, the inability to do good ukemi?
I'd love to have those two kids in my dojo..... Alas 'elf & safety makes it a big no no......
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