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John Bernhard
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Hey Kevin W,

When you said you trained with two 5th dans, are you refering to Hooker and Doc Jones Sensei's in Orlando by chance. As for the club situation. I can COMPLETELY feel where your comming from. We made a dojo structure, and heres how we did it. We had a President, Vice President, etc. (These people were elected from with in the student body in the dojo) These guys RAN the dojo, they may have not been the highest ranking but they ran the dojo. They made sure stuff was there, they settled disputes with students when it was a personal type matter, and the person teaching settled disputes with technique. If you are the more senior of the two (uke/nage) we always did it as the more senior was correct. As a senior student you are supposed to help Uke learn when the techniqe is being done wrong or could be done better. As for this guy whos causing the problem, you need to ask all the other students if they have been experiencing the same problem, if so, ask them for a meeting about this, and decide what to do. Tell him to knock it off, or ask him to leave. You are the controlers of the club as you are the students so you have the power to do with the club as you wish. IN our club becuase of university rules the President of the club had the highest amoutn of authority even more so than the Sensei or the Faculty advisor as far as the University was concerned. As far as who taught that night it was the person who had the most time in Aikido. If you are both 2kyu's one has 5 years and the other has 3, the 5yr 2nd Kyu taught with us. I would also recommend talking to one of your old instructors about what he/she would do. There is nothing better for insight than someone who knows you as a person. And I'm sure that if your sensei's got to the rank of 5th dan, then they ahve run across this once or twice. Best of luck. Later
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