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Kevin Wilbanks
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Thanks everyone. I think the jist of these last replies is correct. The real problem is the overall situation and the fact that I want to get more out of it than it really has to offer. I want to study Aikido. This club is the best group in town. However, my old dojo was run by two 5th dans, had 70-some students, many of which were much more experienced than me. In short, I've been spoiled.

It is difficult to watch techniques being demonstrated in ways that I was previously taught as seriously in error, and to have only a very minimal amount of training time with ukes that allow for more intense, dynamic training. I have been feeling a pull toward training in other arts taught at a local dojo that has legit teachers and committed students (JKD, Kali, BJJ), even though the arts themselves are less appealing to me. It's a dilemma.

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