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IMHO, there is a good reason for structure and organization. There is a need to have a clear leader and guidelines for instruction. Without them, you may be training together, but there is to rules to say someome was rude.

You may have a power struggle with certain individuals that may be of your making, of thier making, or just a lack of blending between the two of you.

At our Dojo (Tenshinkai Aikido under Sensei Phong), we as higher belts are encouraged to assist the lower belts and correct errors we see. This is what "big brothers" do in a family. Its not taking over the "father's" positiion of power. Many of the higher belts almost did "tag team" teacher when I started because there were so few lower belts. They told me to pay them back by helping others as I advanced. Its like practicing the pinciples in our relations, not just our actions on the mat.

Your "club" may need to sit down and have a "family meeting."

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