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Kevin Wilbanks
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No, I wasn't the one who was set on fire. You may be right about the beginner thing. The possibility that I have been inadvertantly smacking him around is definite. In general, I think I default towards being too soft and nice as nage, and too cooperative as uke, but you never know. I am very comfortable with the physcial aspect of what's going on during training, and am not worried about getting hurt. Conflict-wise, though, I'm not very comfortable. I tend to get pretty emotionally frazzled during unpleasant confrontations of any type - although I don't show it. Thanks for the input. I wasn't really expecting any magic answers or psychic insights from this, and I realize that it isn't a major long-term life issue or anything. It's just that I'm in a new city and don't have any Aikido pals to listen to me piss and moan at present.


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