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Charles Hill
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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 7

A wonderful article, thank you so much Prof. Goldsbury.

I don't think this changes your article much, but Shigenobu Okumura claimed that non-Japanese did train at the Koubukan in an interview with Larry Bieri for Aikido Today Magazine. "A number of non-Japanese had studied Aikido even before the war - mostly people from Axis Treaty nations, some Germans and many Italians. Many people from fascist nations trained at O'Sensei's Kobukan dojo."

I look forward to each installment of this column. Personally I hope this continues and you cover the post-war development of Honbu Dojo, including what kind of "mental software" might have been installed in the "uchideshi" who eventually moved overseas.

Thank you
Charles Hill
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