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Re: "Internal training, Aiki, and empowering Aikido" Seminar w/Dan Harden

A good visual "trick" I use to bring it home is whenever someone is wowed by me in my dojo and they start that complimentary crap, I apologize and tell them they are confusing me with those responsible. Then I bring them over to line-up to the pictures on the Kamiza. I tell the person-"Go bow to them. I didn't invent this stuff. I'll wait till your done and we go back to training!"
It gets the message across loud and clear.

The other thing I do is-at a certain point- I demand they go out and at least feel if not train with other people. Most of my people have felt and or trained with Mike, Ark, top teachers in DR, Aikido, ICMA, Koryu, on and on. It keeps the kiss-ass factor down to near zero, and it keeps the blinders off.
Oddly, after meeting the students of the above gentlemen, it reinforces the model to them that "it's on them to fix them! No one's gonna do the work for them."
Then it releases me to just be another student who has some information.

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