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Re: When is it ok to hurt?

One of our first-kyu students told the following story on himself:

His wife talked him into attending her swing-dancing classes. They were being taught on a pretty advanced level and he felt like he had two left feet for most of the evening. Then they finally got to a move where you swirl your partner around behind you and to the front. Suddenly everything clicked, here was something he could *do*, so he swirled his partner around--and caught himself just in time with her hand held up in front of him, his fingers resting lightly on top of hers, ready to throw her koteoroshi....

It's a bit scary, the habits one gets into in training. Perhaps it would be a good exercise to sometimes do the weapon takeaway drills with alternating uke and nage, so that the person who takes the weapon gets to keep it, not hand it back?

Mary Kaye
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