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Re: When is it ok to hurt?

Keith Kolb wrote:
Wynand: You have to be more specific.
I told you its a weak example, just check some of the other posts around here, you will find that people can regularly and easily bring the "spiritual harmony" and "kicking ass when you need to" parts together - in harmony!

But yeah, giving the bat back every time and progressively destroying your attacker is not realy the image I wanted to convey, rather that you have the choice to ramp up your response proportionally to that of the attacker as opposed to either destroying him outright or doing something thats innefectual as your first or only response.

Atemi is very much up to the dojo you attend, I have seen realy soft dojos that practice great atemi and realy hard dojos that practice realy crappy atemi. Also consider the balance breaking that can result from dodging a well timed atemi and the damage that can result from not dodging...
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