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Re: Violence against "overly resistive" uke

Your training partners should be aware that you're new, and treat you accordingly to help you. You should look up basic ukemi for core techniques on Youtube, to help your training partners.

There's another potential angle here, though. You could be the type of personality who subconsciously provides a level of resistance you deem common-sensical and necessary, thinking "okay, this higher rank should be able to safely deal with me regardless of what I'm doing".

The problem is, Aikido techniques require motion and energy to work. When uke gives uncommitted energy and stalls, it is actually less realistic, because in real life an attacker would always be moving in some way. Aikido relies on certain behaviors from uke that are dictated from either their need to continue attacking, or self-preserve.

There are people who come to Aikido and subconsciously test it this way, not just because their ukemi is poor, but because they think "it oughta work regardless of what I am doing". This is more of a sparring mindset, and such a person may find that a system like Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is actually more aligned with their expectations.

Aikido is rooted in Daito Ryu, a battlefield weapons system which was designed to deal with pronounced, dedicated attacks, and at its core it is not compatible with the concept of sparring, where people play games with feints and set-ups.

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