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Re: Morihei Ueshiba Techniques

Steven Edward Angius wrote: View Post
Hi, everyone. I was on Wikipedia and as I was looking up Aikido techniques, the page mentioned that while many techniques from Daitō-ryū Aiki-Jujutsu are in Aikido, there are some techniques that were created by Morihei Ueshiba. I tried looking them up, but I could never find them. What are all the techniques he created?
Techniques are just what you're moving, and as others have implied, that's in any lineage of movement. The human body moves in certain ways and at certain ranges of motion and all of them aren't invented. Maybe what they focus on is somehow a kind of creation compared to where they come from in the lineage, but ultimately, techniques (as far as I understand the word) are a form everyone has access to. I would guess that what he created had more to do with how he learned his own physiology more than anything else. I am guessing others not mentioned in history could do virtually anything he could do, too. Same for his teachers, and their teachers, and so on...on average.

My dad once told me that while living in North Africa he invented the bow without knowing what one was. He would have been around 5 and didn't realize that what he invented was ancient technology thousands of years before he was born. Did he invent it?

May I ask why you're so interested in talking about techniques he may have invented? My guess is he was a person who took lessons given, made insights, and in turn gave lessons for others to do the same with.

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