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Mary Eastland
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Teaching on Zoom

Adjusting to training and teaching on zoom has been a challenge: lots of fun sometimes, painful other times and sometimes just weird.

I am empathic and feel people's energy in class. Teaching on zoom feels like I am on another planet. I can see people and hear them but I can not feel their energy. I lost my enthusiasm when we first went to zoom because I felt so lost. I wasn't aware of this until a few months in. Now I have my enthusiasm back. I realize that this is just another training opportunity. I am grateful for the courage to keep showing up when it feels hard and boring. We have a sign that hangs in our dojo that says, 'Accept what is and move on.' It doesn't mean we have to like it. If I don't resist the change, it won't be so painful. Of course, I can't change any of this until I become aware of it. I am back to loving class again and am embracing the challenge.

Mary Eastland

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