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Re: Morihei Ueshiba Techniques

Be careful what you read on the Internet. So far I have not stumbled across any techniques in aikido that do not exist in Daito Ryu in some form. Then again, even many techniques O’Sensei taught are rarely or even never taught today in aikido (based on his Budo book), so it’s not impossible some of those old ones do not exist in DR.

The difference would seem to be more in intent and execution (at least in modern aikido), with aikido having bigger, more constant movement, and throwing uke away rather than dropping them to your feet. Doing aikido feels different, even when executing the same technical combination, although there are moments when DR feels aikido-like. Also DR does not, in my experience, do aikiken or aikijo, which may well be creations by O’Sensei, as there does not appear to be any strong connection to other weapon arts.

Happy to be corrected, however.
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