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Bernd Lehnen
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There's really nothing to feel sad about, unless you're feeling sad about Morihei Ueshiba, since he often used the word "power" to talk about physical manifestations of power in his art, all the way through the 1960's.

Actually, the internal arts, the ones that often talk about internal power, are also often associated with various forms of personal development, so the whole point in the OP is really a straw man, IMO.


Hello Chris,

So true.
In the texts that you have made available to us and which I recognize as authentic, there is neither a pacifist nor a wimp, but a consistency of the position of strength. It's always about power and when someone like him says: "Get them before they get you", then that is not what some, even many, would like to see in him here.
If a profound change has occurred in Aikido in order to make everything more digestible for the general public and also better accessible to a broader public and at the same time to correspond to the post-war zeitgeist, then I think it starts more with his son Kisshomaru and also Tohei, to name just about two developers of today's trademark Aikido.

If OSensei had been a German of the Third Reich, he would not have been forgiven for much of his past (quite rightly) to this day. Therefore, his deification as an unattainable moral model for the world IMHO is completely inappropriate, but this should not diminish his extraordinary development and achievements.

As can be seen from your texts and if I have understood it correctly, he has given very clear instructions on how to optimally develop your own body and the effectiveness associated with it, apparently using ancient traditions.
I can only recommend everyone to read your Sangenkai block carefully.
I myself am still gaining new knowledge from this, especially now in times of pandemics, when personal contact with the few who are familiar with this area is so limited.
So far I have met the only contemporary in Dan who was able to convey to me credibly and practically through direct physical contact that this path is also viable for us.

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