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Re: What is power?

Hello Ellis,

I do not think the Aikikai Hombu has changed very much. It is still waza dominant, but the different instructors might well emphasize certain aspects of the art and not others. Doshu, however, always does basic waza and he once told me directly that this was his mission as Doshu. He added that there were many waza that he would like to show--but never could.

I can see his point, for in my own dojo the oldest member is 88 and the youngest are two twins aged 9, who regularly come with their father. I have to cater for everybody, but also give everybody targets that they can pursue with profit. Is this spiritual? Is this internal training? Probably, but I do not really care. A very close friend of mine, who runs the dojo with me, recently told me that I sometimes do things that he can understand, but cannot do, but which other students told me that they do not understand. They are to do with kuzushi, the initial unbalancing of the opponent. However, there are certain waza that I cannot really do unless I split the class and have a separate dojo for yudansha.

I knew Kisshomaru Doshu and occasionally took his ukemi. There was a precision there, perhaps like a surgeon performing an operation. Incidentally, I can imagine Kisshomaru's reaction to his father's outbursts: "Ah. He's having a bad day today." (With the slightest hint of a shrug of the shoulders.)

Best wishes for 2021.


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