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Re: What is power?

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Mariye Takahashi

O-sensei was very clear. Love was not all there is. Intellectual wisdom is the ability to think critically, in the sense of being able to evaluate truth, falsehood and nuance. Physical training is all the technique. Virtue training - morality - is that by which love could be expressed. [Putting aside all that I could write about what 'love' meant to a man such as Ueshiba]. And note the forth - by 'ki training,' he explicitly means internal power.

An intellectual, no matter how brilliant is not doing O-sensei's aikido.
A physical wonder is not doing O-sensei's aikido.
A wonderful person expressing, as you say, "love, empathy, care, understanding, forgiveness, reconciliation" Is not doing O-sensei's aikido.
A person obsessively pursuing internal strength to the exclusion of all else is not doing O-sensei's aikido.

Let me jump to a salient conclusion. A person of intellectual brilliance, with incredible waza, who expresses "love, empathy, care, understanding, forgiveness, reconciliation" is not doing O-sensei's aikido - if they lack skill in Internal Strength.

And furthermore, O-sensei emphasized the balance of these four.
So, A person who has all for components, but is overly intellectual, or is overly technically obsessed, or who is busy expressing "love, empathy, care, understanding, forgiveness, reconciliation" and not practicing enough, or who had not extensively trained the kind of KI, internal strength that O-sensei said was absolutely necessary, is not doing O-sensei's aikido.

Remember the stories of O-sensei storming in the dojo shouting "That's not my aikido." Knowing the Aikikai of the time, that would have been waza dominant. But I bet he would storm in a love and reconciliation dojo, that had anemic waza, or a lack of training in Daito-ryu derived aiki, and shout the same thing. In fact, after this overly intellectualized text, I expect Ueshiba to storm in here too and shout the same thing, slamming emoji's left and right.

Happy Vaccine Year to All
Dear Ellis Sensei

Thank you very much for taking the time to write this reply. I am so happy to see the word balance, showing the richness of "power". I think you are expressing my point I was trying to make - any aspect of power taken in isolation is not O-Sensei's aikido. En passant, though, it seems like several aspects of O-Sensei's aikido are either not understood or ignored by large swathes of the aikido community.

Power can be physical - right and left. It can be mental - how to handle a conflict with the chairman of the board. It can be social/spiritual - how do I forgive my enemy. Personally I think the power to be loving, to be forgiving is at least as important as the physical aspect of power. Power which is only physical is not worth a lot. Power which covers the wholeness is worth pursuing.

Thank you so much for your input!!!

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