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Re: Home made bokken

Hi Ellis. Thanks for the kind words. It's funny because when I finshed them my only thought was never again. Rewarding but many hours of work. But in the last three days I've cut some more merbau and have started shaping it to make a pair of Isshin Ryu practise kusarigama. I can't seem to help myself although they will be much quicker to make than the bokken.

I also have questions about the suitability of this wood for contact training with other weapons. After all the work I'm loathe to even dent these bokken. But I would like to find something I can knock up reasonably quickly and see how it holds up against contact rated Japanese white oak. I'll have to check if the round over bit I've got followed by sanding smooth could make a jo quick enough. Would be fun to test dents to see if it just impresses as we want or splinters and chips. I'd want to ultimately go to destruction to see how it breaks. In general use merbau doesn't crack or splinter like the other hardwood readily/cheaply available here in Oz, Tassie Oak / Victorian Ash (about three varieties of eucalypt). But it is still an open cell grain structure, so despite the quoted hardness I don't hold terribly high hopes.

Please feel free to use the info and pics on your site. If I get around to impact testing, I'll post back in this thread and let you know.

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