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John McBride
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Re: A question for the experienced.

Mary Eastland wrote: View Post
Jo John:

If someone was coming into our dojo I would appreciate hearing that they had trained before. We would also honor the rank.

Best wishes in your endeavor.
Domo Mary,

I thought as much. Ultimately that was my gut feeling.

I guess I was just really wanting to sort of "blend in" and start from scratch. Add to that the politics of rank etc. and I just thought maybe it were better not to mention any previous training.

That said, I absolutely concur that it is best to be up front upon initial enrollment into the Dojo. I can see that this may be a better approach rather than not saying anything at all.

I suppose i knew that all along. Perhaps a bit jittery about getting back on the mat after all this time.

anyhow, thanks for your response.

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