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Re: why focus on internal power

Stefan Stenudd wrote: View Post
Didn't you say the same thing about me?
(In this thread:

I must tell you that I find it rather rude, calling people incompetent with things that they themselves value in their training.
Sorry if I hurt your feelings.
But I just call it like I see it. I'd rather someone be rude but honest, personally.

Stefan Stenudd wrote: View Post
Also, it seems that you are attacking the person instead of the argument. Even if you regard us as unskilled, wouldn't it be much more intreresting if you could relate to what we say, instead of declaring us unfit to speak on the subject?
The problem is Stefan, that there's nothing to relate to. We are using a different way to move the body. Pure and simple.

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I promise not to be impolite about what I see in them
Feel free to criticize what you see I promise I won't complain. Once those videos went up on the net, I accepted the fact that I'm open to criticism. Comes with the territory.
I will warn you that most vids up there are a) old (by a year and a half) and b) the good stuff is mostly in my private vid collection. If you want in, just subscribe to it and I'll hook you up.

If you ever make it to one of the seminars, and that goes for you too Jen, I'll at least buy you guys dinner to make up for putting you both on the spot and being a smart-ass.
And I promise training is completely free of Rob's smart-assedness (Not that I could get away with it with Ark there anyways ^^; )