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Smile Re: Poll: Would you wear a hakama with its knee(s) patched in your aikido dojo?

David Knowlton wrote:
I found that 65% polyester/35% cotton holds up better, and I don't train as often as many of you do.
I have found this to be true as well. Other guys at my dojo have had the same hakama for ten years and there seems to be minimal wear and no holes.... just the occasional rip!!

As for gis getting holes in them, I have never had this happen on a good japanese brand. I have been wearing Mitsuboshi K-400s for about 6 years now. The ones that are 6 years old barely have any wear on them even though I wore the same one to class 3 to 4 times per week. I washed it after every class, just didn't use any bleach. I would highly recommend them to anyone if anyone was looking for a quality gi!!!

Nathan Snow
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