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Re: inferiority complex in aikido

Mark Mueller wrote: View Post
"If you ever had a military Drill Instructor screaming in your face and dressing you up one side and then down the other with choice expletives at the tender age of 18 or so, you know how well they can get inside your head - been there, and had it done - how about you?"

That is no particular badge of need to throw it out there. People can get inside your head in a variety of ways. The point still stands...they only get in your head if you let them.....which all of us are susceptible to.....
Never said it was a badge of honor, and I did not throw it out there, I simply responded to someone's comment to someone else that did throw it out there. My point was that people do get inside your head because you have placed yourself in an environment that allows it to happen - you just can't walk away from it or ignore it in a boot camp environment - those that have been there know that, and those that have not, have absolutely no clue what it is like and should not be making assumptions on what their behavior would be if they were there.

When I was in boot camp in 71, we had people crying for their mothers at night in their racks, and even had actual suicides - you just can't imagine the mental stress that environment brings, and you can not ignore it. Of course, this was during a time where harsh and demeaning language was the norm, and actual physical peer hazing was not only tolerated but encouraged - I understand boot camp is not that bad today, but it is still very stressful nonetheless.


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