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Re: inferiority complex in aikido

it's not so much as inferiority complex. it's more so with confusion. if you noticed the general source of confusion came mostly from men, and some women who are really men in the inside, and animal kingdom that looked like aikidoka. Thus us men know that we are manly and we practice martial arts which is a very manly pursuit, which is different from the WWE pursuit, which is a glorified chip-n-dale club (we want that too but we don't have the body for it nor can we take those sort of ukemi). as a manly pursuit, we feel proud and powerful and dignify and ...well manly. then we put on the funny skirt in aikido which causes various feelings. feelings that rise from the hidden depth within us. feelings that make us giggle, and cuddly and lovey-dopey and want to talk about feelings all the time and ...well feminine. it just brings the little girl out of us. This is countered to the manly side which cause us to question our manhood, for some, womanhood, and animal-hood, and occasionally car-hood. so we defend our position with vigor (in some case, with igor) that we are kick-ass martial artists who are loveable and cuddly and with feelings, in hope that we can pick up hot chicks at the local pubs, which is rarely the case since we tend to giggle, in a manly kind of way.

*ps does anyone know where we can get large supply of Velcro kakama? also where we can get the WWE thong?*

"budo is putting on cold, wet, sweat stained gi with a smile and a snarl" - your truly
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