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Strange - I see summer camps swimming in front of my eyes...


I'm in a similar situation my partners daughter is Twelve and enjoys attacking me, in turn i enjoy the rough and tumble play.

She would love to come to Aiki - but there isn't a childrens class that she can get to - nor can she get to my adult classes to join in. (although I have promised to take her to iaido in the summer holidays!!)

What i've found is that if we are just fighting then Huganage is the best solution - followed the suggestion above - Tickling! although she did attack me in bed recently and I ended up projecting her with a kokyu style move into the wall - amusing cos she wasn't hurt - but a lesson in control for me...

however she does sometimes ask to "do aiki". when we do this i normally just get her to practise ai hamni ikkyo. Which she does way to fast - I've told her when she can control this i may show her some more!

Something to bear in mind is that children ('specially this young) do seem to want - shall we say - use their skills...

She told me recently that she walked a girl who had been bullying her for months round the school in the folded over ikkyo position.

I wasn't entirely sure what to feel about that...
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