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Freaky! Quandary

I am having a problem with my 13 yr old stepson. He knows I practice aikido and is constantly trying to 'attack' me in the house. Granted, the kid (5'7", 175 lbs) is almost as big as I am, (5'10", 195 lbs) but still I can't very well throw him across the room or drive him into the floor without damaging him or the house.

I am also reluctant to do nikkyo or sankyo on him because he's so animated that he's liable to keep turning and snap his own forearm or wrist.

Finally, many times he cautiously creeps up to me and just jabs at me with a lot of fakes which aren't real conducive to aikido since there is no energy. I can create the energy, bu then we are back to the first paragraph where I can't very well throw him across the room without smashing something (or someone).

It's kind of a powerless feeling that you want to try to show the kid a few moves, yet because I don't want to hurt him or the house, I'm severely limited in what I can do. Plus the faking and jabbing stuff drives me nuts. I just want to enter and do kokyu nage on him, but there's no mat.

Any suggestions on how to approach this?
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