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R.A. Robertson
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Re: The Path Taken, and the Path Travelled

Hi Dirk,

Didn't mean to steal your thunder. What I love about aikido is that it has the potential to bring us to the same truth or realization. I did go and read your comments that you cross-referenced here, and it sounds like you and I are in agreement.

I understand the value of kihon, but it tends to confine our understanding of aikido to very tiny little boxes. Good aikido is much, much freer, far more spontaneous than that, and I believe it is a mistake to relegate this experience to "higher" levels. But even within these tiny boxes we call techniques, there must be a spirit of flexibility and adaptability. So yes, henka all the time.

My own aikido and my methods of teaching have drifted very far from the mainstream. (But I can't say for sure that I've strayed from the roots!) Regardless, it's nice to have the affirmation from others that share similar views.

Many thanks to you.

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