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Re: Got pwned by boxer =-(

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
Well we all know what the outcome would be even if he spent 20 years doing Aikido. The boxer would have owned him!

Boxers are better at boxing then Aikidoka. That's because they spend their time boxing, and we don't.

Get that same buddie, and get yourself a padded club. Focus on striking his jabbing hand. Keep your distance, he will get frustrated that you have a reach advantage, and rush you, thus over extending.

If he didn't have gloves on, I'll bet he'd grab your weapon hand, to stop you from hitting him, guess what happens when he grabs your wrist...

Go at it again, and see how much more even you are.

All the things he told you are correct.
Aikido is a poor unarmed system, change the paradigm and the outcome will change.
This is so true, so true. I guess the most pragmatic post in this thread.


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