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Re: Yoshinkan and "aiki"

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questions. according to chinese IP lore(s), one should keep shoulders and hips aligned when one moves, to free the waist from the hips, wouldn't that put shoulders and hips out of alignment? or am i missing something? or are you saying, at advance level, the shoulders and hips alignment isn't necessary? still sloshing through this IP mud, because i was thinking, if you free the waist from the hips, wouldn't that put a tremendous torque through the lower spine? where lots of your energy spent on lateral stabilization and force neutralization?

dual spirals, one up one down? or somewhere else?
I've met men with power who move with hips and shoulder aligned, and those who move like I do with movement driven from opposing sides. I think you can guess which ones are more stable. IME, too many people get impressed with various power displays because they don't fully understand real time issues between trying to fight with IP/Aiki, V playtime in the park or dojo. Training I.P. is one thing; what it does to your body, and how you chose to MOVE with it and then to fight with a study of it's own.

Martial movement is NOT all the same. There are ways to move the body with weapons and without that are seamless and remain cogent, where adopting some other training I have seen would be a mistake.

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