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Re: Toughening my toes?

Adrian Smith wrote:
the skin on the bottom of my big toes is getting shredded....I'm attributing it to the roughness of the mats, but I'm open to other interpretations.
Athlete's foot.

Where is the skin tearing? Down near the joint? Put some Desenex powder in your shoes, some ointment on your feet.

Callouses (already discussed).

My sandals give me callous bigger than Arnold's biceps if I don't stop them.

They thicken, dry, crack, bleed. Solution is to head them off before they grow big enough to dry.

There's always pumice; too slow, clumsy, and labor intensive for me. There are also metal grates with handles made for the purpose in the same section of Target's toiletries as the pumice. There's also a razor operation that's very fast but commensurate care must be taken or you'll score your feet--Ouch!

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