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Re: shiho nage

Matthew Gano wrote: View Post
Hi Peter,
It was the straight-line description that reminded me of the Shodokan "shihonage," which I remember as moving aite more or less straight back and down (tori moving slightly to the outside of the wrist being "returned?"). Do you know of a good video that shows it? I googled/youtubed "Tomiki Ryu tenkai kotegaeshi" and "Shodokan tenkai kotegaeshi" but that blurry thing was the only one that popped up that had a similar look to what I remember; evereything else was tenkai kote hineri. It doesn't seem to be a very popular technique based on what kept popping up on my google searches, although I thought I saw a couple a few years back when I made similar searches.
At any rate, I remember really liking mae-otoshi and ushiro-ate a lot, I wonder why they stand out so much!
Well I am in China - where they ban facebook and youtube - neither is a great loss but occaisionally inconvenient.

I still get which at least demonstrates the classic form.


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