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Re: So What Is a Fight Anyway?

Response to Dan and Don's post above:

Yea concrete, glass, clothing and all that changes things for sure.

I think BJJ guys sometimes get the reputation that they deserve as many of them have tunnel vision as well about fights. Just like Aikido guys too. Infact it is usually the Noobs that screw up things for everyone!

Anyway, I agree with both of you.

What I am proposing is not learning a great deal about the technical game of BJJ, but very basic, basic skills. Yes, many of them are covered in BJJ 101, but we don't need to learn the triangle choke, or 100 guard passes, omaplata or that stuff, simple things really.

I am sure both you guys have run into the situation where you are discussing fighting paradiqms with the BJJ guy and he ask from an aiki paradigm how would you fight.

I usually say, I wouldn't... I'd establish Ma'ai, shutdown his intial approach and I'd run for the door or find a big stick if I could.

"How is THAT Aikido"

...Well it is...but it is also common sense"!

Then they say..."okay, how about if he tackles you and you are on the ground and he has you mounted". I then say, I'd escape the mount and establish dominance again.

"ah, you'd do BJJ"!

Well Duh!! if you want to label things!""

It just ain't worth going to this stylistic argument!
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