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Re: So What Is a Fight Anyway?

Good points Dan. I agree.

We cannot account for or train for every scenario. You may be the best fighter in the world and die. It just simply be your day. Which is why I think it is more important with Budo to prepare yourself to live rather than worrying about all this dying stuff.


There are certain things we can do to increase the odds in our favor in some real fights, however you imagine or define them. This is why we isolate the methodolgy I outline of CD, C, TD, S.

We can learn skills that are simple, that are easy to learn, that go quickly into muscle memory. It is why we can make a decent fighter in less than a year...not decades.

You also bring up good points on conditioning, both mentally and physically, these things must not be discounted either. I think we do this alot as an excuse. Somehow we all want to believe that we can learn some internal things than will down play the physcial side. Well guess order to have the alignment and posture to do the internal stuff you have to have developed some physical attributes!
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